GreenEST Summit is the flagship Greentech event that brings together public and private sector experts, cleantech companies and investors from all over Europe to discuss how to address the inevitable green revolution!

GreenEST Summit 2021 focus topics

This year 8 partners put their back’s together to help this become the leading Greentech event in Europe. GreenEST Summit 2021 organizers are – EIT RawMaterials, TalTech, Tehnopol Science and Business Park, Pakri Science and Industrial Park, Cleantech ForEst, Sunly, Environmental Investment Centre and Nordic Council of Ministers.

Raw Materials

The foundation of sustainable future

Green Business Models & Investors

Profit vs planet as a win-win situation


The innovation for life

Smart City

The future is built now


The race to zero emissions

Just Transition

Change of the mindset

GREEN BUSINESS MODELS & INVESTORS – Profit versus planet as a win-win situation

Why does the old economy always have to come first with low spending? Why do we sacrifice the environment for profit? Why don't manufacturers in China deal with waste here? Why is it still subsidized and cheaper to produce energy by burning something? This is largely due to old economic models, ignorance, and the spread of half-truths. Investors' wisdom and new ways of thinking can change that. In this session, we will talk about business models and investors in the green economy. We'll prove that it is possible to make money properly and improve the environment. We'll bring to the stage practical examples of new business models and focus on green economy investors. We'll also provide examples of how public-private partnerships are happening. It's not altruism anymore; it's real business.

RAW MATERIALS – The foundation of a sustainable future

A complete raw materials value chain for minerals and metals make Europe attractive for a renewed exploration, mining, and processing sector. In this context, the mineral sector addresses the identified societal, ethical, environmental, technical, and economic aspects to develop raw materials into a major strength for Europe while aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. Trustworthy and transparent social engagement is key for emphasizing the benefits of a strong raw materials sector in Europe with a Social License to Operate (SLO). Innovative technologies are required to further enhance mining and processing capabilities while reducing their environmental footprint, i.e., decreasing water and energy consumption and sustainable waste and emission management.

BIOECONOMY – Innovating for life

We are turning our eyes more and more to the biological sphere. Why? Because literally all advancements, be it in the economy or in the social sphere, are dependent on the richness and diversity of the natural world. Everything we have and consume is ultimately a piece of this planet. Today, natural ecosystems are in crisis because of our detachment from them. Of course, we often do not witness the immediate impact of our actions due to global production and supply chains. The footprints are hidden away somewhere else. By learning and aligning our economies to the ways natural systems work, we can sustain our societies and provide for the common welfare. The circular bioeconomy is not a fancy addition to the existing economy but it will be the future economy, period. It's an economy that is inclusive, mitigates regional disparities, and provides a steady base for societal needs. During this discussion, our guest speakers will discuss what it takes to make the transition to the bioeconomy? How to embark on systemic change? How to draw inspiration from and co-operation with other companies? We'll have it all here for you. Tune in to learn about innovating for life.

SMART CITIES – Building the future today

Renovation Wave, New European Bauhaus, and E-mobility are the new kids on the block. How well they will be adapted depends largely on planning and design: critical and data-based, impact and result-driven, citizen and environment-oriented. Spatial planning has also a great impact on future energy demand. The coordinated planning of infrastructure and building is of utmost importance for being able to fully adapt to a sustainable society. Yet, it is no secret that the development and construction market is oriented to fast short-term profit projects. But these kinds of projects don’t serve the bigger picture and long-term goals. GreenEST Summit 2021 connects speakers and audiences on hot topics like What are the new business models that sustainable urban planning can stimulate? How to effectively and transparently involve multiple stakeholders in the planning processes? What are the measures (fast-track procedures, tax redemptions) that motivate businesses to make a green transition?

ENERGY – The race to zero emissions

Our growing need for energy is responsible for this blazing hot climate. Paradoxically, more rather than less energy is also the only way out of the crisis, without pushing us back into the Stone Age. The year 2020 saw a boom in clean energy and it is estimated that after COVID-19, we’ll see even a 30 percent increase in annual solar installations. First and foremost, we see a clear trend towards increasingly decentralized energy production. There are different implications for technology that are being influenced by this trend, but since people now also work from home, we may see especially spectacular increases in smart (off-)grid systems. These now are a must for companies managing their energy demands. There has also been enormous pressure for upgraded and down-priced energy storage at times when actual prices of renewable energy technologies continue to drop. The renewable energy industry is under great pressure to optimize its production and decarbonization of the grid is a priority in fighting climate change. Other, not-so-renewable solutions are lining up eagerly at the door.

JUST TRANSITION – A change in mindset

We built industries at a time when we had no concept of what green technologies even meant. Now the future cannot exist without a change in mindset, and a move to green technology-based solutions. Communities that exist with an old or basic industrial structure can use the European Union Just Transition Fund to rethink and rebuild industry so that renewable and green technologies will predominate. In Estonia, we have exactly such a situation in Ida-Viru County. TalTech has laid the basis for the change via a program that will boost higher education in the region as well as build an innovation centre in digital and green technologies targeting hydrogen technologies as well as robotics. The program also includes an extensive continuous education program re-educating workers from one industry into another.


Since 2019 GreenEST Summit is held in the unicorn factory – Estonia. The venue, Tallinn Kultuurikatel is a century-old power plant transformed into a one-of-the-kind creative hub. So yes, we are reusing old power station as a venue to promote sustainable technologies and sustainability.

For visitors

A stage full of inspiration brought to you by high-class Greentech experts. Network with green-minded entrepreneurs and corporate representatives and unlock the potential of future-fit partnerships. Join the side events, make new valuable connections and have fun!

At the demo area 15 cherry-picked companies will present their solutions and pitch in front of hundreds of attendants, potential clients, investors and stakeholders. Explore the latest innovations and discover new products, services, friends, opportunities and perhaps, your new career challenge.

For investors

In addition to having access to the most promising rising cleantech stars and fastest-growing startups in the region, we have one of our focus topics on green business models and investors this year. Relax and have a nice chat with fellow investors at the Investor Lounge and start the inspiring day with Investor Breakfast, where you’ll have a chance to get together, share tips and experiences.

Side events

✦ Oct 27-28 Online Matchmaking - EIT Raw Materials connects stakeholders and actors from different parts of the raw materials value chain creating a unique collaborative environment for breakthrough innovations and radically new ways to address raw materials challenges. We encourage our partners to submit new project proposals that will generate a significant impact on European industrial competitiveness, innovation capacity and human capital, as well as empower students and entrepreneurs driving towards the circular economy and the contribution towards the EU Green Deal goals. Register: and upload your proposal opportunity to find consortium partners.
✦ Oct 28 at 9am-10am VIP Investor Breakfast at Korsten
✦ Oct 28 at 9am-9.30 EIT Raw Materials RIS HUB Coffee Morning for Startups at the conference Matchmaking Area
✦ Oct 29-30 Climathon Ideathon at Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkool. More information

Get on board of the flagship Greentech event in the region and let’s hit on the sustainable journey towards a greener future together!

October 27-28, 2021

Kultuurikatel (The Creative Hub), Tallinn, Estonia